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Special Slide-Show Feature: Vocalion Serial Number 834 (being refurbished for the Redmond Oregon Historial Commission)



Current Projects

Vocalion #762 (1891) before removal from a home where it had languished for many years. This organ is complete, but needs total overhaul, which will be on-going for several years.



Completed Projects


This Putnam reed organ left the Staunton, VA factory in 1906, and by 2009 looked like the first photo.

Many hours later, it appeared as below. It now graces the home of the 3rd generation to own it.



Estey 383024 (January, 1911) on its way to the shop.



Progress-shot of a rare Bertheaux Brothers (Paris) Harmonium under resurrection in 1996


The completed Bertheaux



This beautiful Burdett organ first required major repairs to its case; it appeared to have been dropped at some point in time.


The Burdett case is upside-down in the pics, showing a new piece of wood replacing the broken part.



The Reed Organ Man has restored several Prince Melodeons. A large number were built, and a surprising number of them still survive.


The Prince action, out of its case.


Even the paper which covers the exhauster was reproduced.



This Shoninger action, although it was found in San Francisco, must have spent most of its life in a part of the country where coal was used. The action and the reeds were filthy!


The Schoninger action, clean again. No date was found, but 1870 is close.


A second view of the Schoninger action.



Other instruments currently in stock, awaiting refurbishing:

Several Mason & Hamlins including 2-Manual & Pedals; 2-manual Bell; 2-manual Dominion; single-manual reed organs by Mason & Hamlin, Treat & Linsley, Carpenter, Kimball, and others.

Harmoniums by Alexandre, Kotykiewicz, and others.

Also have action parts and reeds for Estey T's; Estey Melodeon; SD & HW Smith ("American"); Bell; Chicago Cottage; Sterling; Mason & Hamlin; Newman Brothers, Beethoven, and a few others I can't remember at the moment.




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