F O R   S A L E

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Estey "Moderne" from around 1940. With original electric suction. Another crunch-board case, but far less weighty than the larger one. Case needs some tarting up. and matching bench could use refinishing. This is another one that need a nice home, and is free for the asking and taking away.


Six octave Melodeon, octagonal legs. Badged Joseph Sommers, Ansonia, Connecticut. Very nice rosewood (veneer), delicate music rack. Great for that old house that needs a piece of period furniture which is also a functional musical instrument. Please! Come take it away.


This unusual Kimball with matching stool has never been rebuilt, yet it works just fine! Typical 8-4-8-8 specification. FREE TO ANYONE WHO WILL GIVE IT A HOME.


This is a reed organ for a serious musician.

ESTEY, age unknown, based originally on Style O, with modifications

61 notes F keyboard, break at tenor e/f

The case is probably Estey, although I am not sure. The music rack is from a spinet piano! It was all done before I got it. The action had lost its 16' SubBass (13 notes), and had some other modifications. I rebuilt it, George refinished the case, and it sets up quite a howl! Any organist worth his salt can make a LOT of good music on this.



For our German friends, this Karl Stock American-style suction organ is ready to go for many more years. FREE TO ANYONE WHO WILL TAKE IT AWAY.


This Estey "Moderne" has its original suction unit, so does not need to be treadled. It has the large Style 98 action, and sets up quite a howl. It is, however, massive and heavy: the case is early crunch-board. FREE TO ANYONE WHO WILL TAKE IT AWAY.


This little Estey also has its original suction unit. It is physically the same as the Estey folder, but built into this little case. Has its matching bench. The exterior finish could use some freshening but it sounds just fine and does not need treadling. FREE TO ANYONE WHO WILL TAKE IT AWAY.


Although badged for Waters (New York) this organ was clearly built by Shoninger. It is his Centennial model, built in 1886. It has all the bells, but no whistles! The massive case is unusual (to say the least). The action has an extra half-set of reeds, and Bernard's unusual sub-coupler assembly. $3500.00 FOB San Francisco.


Here is an unusual reed organ built in North East (now Erie), Pennsylvania. Among its unusual features is the stop action: pushing a reversible piston under the keys brings on the stop and moves the "knob" down, out of line with the rest. The treadles can be adjusted to three different heights. Good for children. Best offer, FOB San Francisco.


Got twins? Here is a matched pair of Estey mini-organs, just two serial numbers apart, dating to 1940. Originally owned by the San Francisco Opera, though why they had these is anyone's guess. Both have been fully reconditioned and tuned. Will be sold only as a pair, $750.00 FOB San Francisco. Easily fit in a SUV or large sedan.


Rare Bertheaux Bros (Paris) harmonium. One of only two known to exist (the other much smaller). Originally sold in the UK. 4-3-2-1 in bass, 1-2-3-C in the treble (C=Celeste, with #1).

Rosewood case, top of lid replaced after water staining. Key-fronts typically split (paper-thin ivory). Overall condition very good, fully playable, reasonably well in tune, though this could be touched up. $2500.00 OBO FOB San Francisco.


Shoninger "bell" reed organ, recently refurbished. Typical Shoninger woodwork. Everything works as intended. $2500 FOB San Francisco.


Dominion reed organ. Very nice case, unusual 68 -note action. Totally rebuilt in fine working order. With care, this organ will make fine music for several generations. Free for the hauling away.


Treat and Linsley, Serial No. 10691, about 1875. 8 & 4, bright tone, small flat-top suitable for apartment. Fine antique. Free for the hauling away.


Carpenter organ, Brattleboro Vermont. Elaborate case, (refinished). Has functional "speedometer" that shows position of reservoir and of knee-swell. Totally ovedhauled, nice tone. Free for the hauling away.



F O R   S A L E

Too bad you missed these!


This fine Shoninger bell organ has a typical specification of two full sets and a second 8’ set treble only. It also features the early style coupler, which only couples down, thus filling in the mid-range of sound. It can be seen and heard here:


Priced to move at $2500 FOB San Francisco.


Mason & Hamlin Style 800 2-Manual & Pedal; completely overhauled. Self-contained electric winding system, 11 sets reeds, full, gutsy tone. Write for specification and full details. $7500 FOB San Francisco.


This Mustel Style V was built in 1914. Fully documented. If you have to ask "what it is," don't bother: this is for the serious musician only. Its only flaw is one missing stop-face. More than anything, it needs to be played: it is somewhat stiff from long disuse. Also priced to move at $7500 FOB San Francisco.


Estey "Artists" reed organ. There were several different specifications for this model, but this is the one which has a 2' Harp Aolienne which runs gamut! On top of all the rest of the reeds, this stop gives the full organ combination an "Silbermann" quality which is quite unusual. This organ had been electrified, but I built an entirely new lower action for it. Ready to make a lot of fine music! Price FOB San Francisco: $2500.00


Recently saved from the Los Angeles city dump, this Hamilton Vocalion Organ Company 2/9 carries s/n 242: probably shipped early 1888. The casework is in fine condition, but the action must be totally rebuilt. It is nearly complete and could be left as a hand-pumper OR converted to blower operation; it could be both.

The two empty bays of the case contain four faux pipes each. This could be a real winner if properly rebuilt. The Swell division has Contra Dulciana 16', Gamba 8', Viol d'Amour 8' and Principal 4'. The Great has Claribel 8', Clarionet 8', Horn 8' and Harmonic Flute 4'. The Pedal has Ophicleide and Bourdon (one set of reeds), and three couplers.

This gem was removed from a house in Los Angeles forty years ago, and has never been erected since! It would be an excellent practice instrument for an organist. Or, it would serve a small church or chapel well. Width: 82"; Depth, 60 " including pedalboard and bench; Height, 87", easily clears 8-ft ceiling.

Please note: I have determined that the faux pipes are not original. The two openings at each side should have fretwork to match the center panel. This could easily be duplicated using patterns from another organ that I know about.

For further information contact me at jim.tyler@sonic.net.

Also see The Vocalion Group for information about Vocalion organs and the companies which built them.


Dominion (Guelph, Canada) 2 manual reed organ in splendid case. This one sits up and talks! Totally overhauled, waiting to make a lot of fine music in any home. $3000.00 FOB San Francisco.


Bilhorn "Telescopic" Style 3, folding organ s/n 63181, action from 1911. This is one of two Bilhorn folding organs for which I had to build new cases, their original ones having been bashed beyond use. The cases are of 1/4' 5-ply Finnish birch, far stronger than the original 3-ply, and will withstand far more than the original cases did. Actions have been totally rebuilt. This one weighs in at 40 lbs. Dimensions, inches : 29W X 11D X 17H (folded). Price: $1850.00


This fine little folder, sn/ 511472, is one of the last Estey built. It was purchased in 1957 for a church. Unfortunately, it sat in a puddle of water for a while, so the bottom rotted out and the edge-glued joints in the sides and back opened up. It has a new bottom, the case has been repaired, and the action cleaned and tuned. This organ has the divided action for the 4' reeds, allowing the bass or treble to be selected to stand out against the other. It has successfully replaced a harmonium in a production of the Dvorak Bagatelles, and in the Rossini Petite Messe Solonnelle. It is a surprisingly loud and assertive. Dimensions, inches: 30.5W X 11.5D X 20H (folded). Weight: 58 lbs. Price: $1500.00


DeBain Harmonium


Beautiful Shoninger "desk organ" in stunning case, original finish. This is the organ shown under restoration in the gallery.


Mason & Hamlin "Metropolitan", Serial No. 1877, 1876(?). 8 & 4, small flat top, suitable for apartment.


Fine 2-manual Alexandre Pere & Fils harmonium, s/n 94229.


Harmonium by Gilbert Bauer, single set of reeds. Built for school use, and as "basic" as you can get!


Rare Munroe player with original 46-note McTammmany action. Serial number 48, around 1874-5. With 31 amusing rolls including a test roll. Player operates upper action; keyboard plays 8-4-8-8 lower action. Keyboard can be played with the player (you can play with yourself!).


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